alveofit® is known for lung health.

We have built your lung health assistant to manage your lung conditions such as Asthma, COPD and more, in most efficient manner. .

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Your companion

Check below and get to know your lung health companion

Create stunning websites

Most advanced app for lung health

Management of respiratory disease become so easy and efficient with alveofit® application.

We enable you gain maximum control and live symtom-free* life

Become driver of your respiratory health and alveofit® help you achieve it.

Spirometry made easy
Spirometry made easy

Measure your lung function anytime anywhere.

Know your control status
Know your control status

Track your flare-up and draw insights about control status and become more self aware.

Share insights with provider
Share insights with provider

Your doctor should be aware about your health. Don't worry, we have made easy for you with alveofit®. Share your detailed reports with your provider.

alveoair® Spirometer
State of handheld GOLD standard digital spirometer
alveofit® application
Comprehensive management of your health condition
Spirometry at home

Keep the track of lung function anytime anywhere

alveoair® is a personal spirometer designed for asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and ILD patients to help quantify their lung health. alveoair® enables patients to monitor their disease to help avoid attacks and unnecessary hospital visits.

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